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24” Nylon Heavy Duty Rim Strip

24” Nylon Heavy Duty Rim Strip


Our 24” Nylon Rim Strips are the best! This size fits youth 24 inch cruisers. With a smooth Nylon composition, they make a secure fit for the inside of your rims. Made from thin, minimally stretchy nylon, these strips install easily to become a reliable part of your favorite ride. They’re great for protecting your tubes, and they make a real nice seal if you’re rollin tubeless as well. These are improved versions of our heavy duty strips which are made from a stretchy PVC material. You truly pay for the quality with these ones. Heavy duty rim strips are necessary for any bicycle wheel that features cut outs. As with all our products we recommend professional installation, rim liners are placed between the rim and the tube. Available in black or white material. 

  • Tech Specs

    * Price is for ONE strip

    * 24” x 50mm heavy duty strips fit wheels on “PUCK DLX” bikes.

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