“BOA-G” BICYCLE TIRES - 26” X 3.45”

$63.00 + S&H

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26” Tire as seen on the “Newport” beach cruiser bicycles. These are the fat beach tires for a low profile look.
* Price is for one single tire
* 26" x 3.45"
* Recommended psi of 38-40
* Triple tread; super grip on the sides, cool running center.
* Zero growth; no need for major ride height changes.
* Low pressure; for maximum contact patch.
* Fits rims from 26" x 1.75", 26" x 2.125" and 26" x 3.00".

We recommend inflating our tires with a bicycle pump. Using an air compressor might cause damage or a blow out. For your safety we suggest staying in the lower end of the recommended psi.


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