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Our bicycles are available for purchase from independent bicycle dealers (IBD) across the USA. We fully support IBDs, because we feel individual shops offer the best customer service! Finding the perfect bike can be difficult, but independent bike shops will best answer your questions and ensure that you leave with the right bike for you. If you need further help locating an IBD in your area, please e-mail
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3G Bikes has been providing the best recreational bicycles since 2003. Our company started in Long Beach, California by Gary Silva, a co-founder of Phat Cycles, and the main man behind the chopper style bicycle trend of the late 90’s. The 3G brand has grown and transformed through the years into a leader in specialty bicycles focusing on the beach cruiser bicycles with retro styling and chopper soul. We manufacture beach cruiser bicycles for adults and kids, city bikes, bicycles for rental or industrial businesses, three wheelers and tandems as well as parts and accessories. With a focus on quality, comfort and style we aim to be leaders and innovators in the bicycle industry. We love our product and the proof is in the details, piece by piece we are building the most enjoyable ride. It’s not just a bike, it’s a lifestyle!

3G Bikes, top of the line city, cruiser, chopper, electric, tandem, three wheeler and rental bicycles.
Born in Long Beach, CA
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